Atlas Meadows Estate


Planning, Civil Design & Project Management


PCDP Developments Pty Ltd


Hoctors Lane, Junortoun


TPD were engaged by PCDP Developments Pty Ltd to provide Planning, Civil Design and Project Management services for the 19 lot Atlas Meadows development in Junortoun. This large undulating site is subject to Bushfire Management, Vegetation Protection and Development Plan Overlays. During the planning process the subdivision layout was optimised to provide the ultimate design to satisfy the requirements of the numerous Referral Authorities. Building Envelopes were positioned to comply with CFA requirements for bushfire and also treatment of on-site wastewater in accordance with the Land Capability Assessment and Wastewater Management Plan prepared for the site.

The Coliban Water Rural Water Supply Race, the Axe Creek Channel which traverses the site was piped for 380 metres to mitigate the risk of flooding of the new allotments. Hydrology analysis of the large upstream stormwater catchments was completed to enable the hydraulic design of large road cross culverts and open drains. Approximately 250 metres of existing roads were rehabilitated and 1.3 km of new rural roads were designed to provide access to the site whilst balancing the cut and fill over the undulating site.

Design works completed by TPD for Atlas Meadows development included; roads, rural drainage, water and piping of the Coliban Water Rural Water Supply Race. In addition to liasing with communications and power sub-consultants.

Civil Construction was managed by TPD which included; scheduling, construction auditing and obtaining sign-off from Council and other relevant authorities upon the successful completion of works.