Bridge Street MDC


Civil Design


Robren Australia Pty Ltd


Bridge Street, Bendigo


TPD was engaged by Robren Australia to design the carpark, driveway, and underground services for a two-storey commercial development in Central Bendigo. This involved providing detailed design information for the carpark and driveway to the Architects, design of internal and external drainage, signage and linemarking plans, and redesign of sewer mains including obtaining a Coliban Water build-over Agreement.

The site is subject to flooding during extreme storms and one of the key objectives of the project was to ensure that the building would not be inundated during these events. TPD worked closely with the project Architect, the North Central Catchment Management Authority, and the City of Greater Bendigo to ensure this was achieved.

In addition to this, the site forms part of an overland flow path for a major urban catchment. TPD conducted a detailed stormwater analysis to ensure that the development would not impact the overland flow path. Flood modelling from the Bendigo Flood Study was analysed along with the proposed site characteristics to ensure the design would suitably cater for upstream flows.

TPD was pleased to be involved with a key commercial development within one of the City of Greater Bendigo’s high density growth areas.