Emmett Street Unit Development


Civil Design & Project Management


Private Developer (SAS Construction)


22 Emmett Street, Golden Square


TPD was engaged by a private developer to provide Civil Design and Project Management services for a 9 lot unit development at 22 Emmett Street, Golden Square. Design Services included the detailed design of a common property driveway, stormwater design including an on-site stormwater detention system and sewer design. Project management services included scheduling & supervision of civil works and liaison with Council and service authorities for release/consent documentation.

Planning requirements for this development required the detailed design of an on-site stormwater detention system to cater for both a 20% & 1% AEP storm event. The system was designed to meet Councils requirements whilst being non-obtrusive and low maintenance for property owners, without any reduction in lot yield.

Undertaking detailed design of the concrete common property driveway ensured that all lots in the development had effective access to and from garages whilst also providing effective management of stormwater runoff.