Epping-Kilmore Road – Road Safety Treatments



Civil Design




Epping – Kilmore Road, Upper Plenty


TPD was engaged by Vicroads to design the pavement rehabilitation of a 1km stretch of the Epping-Kilmore Road in Upper Plenty. The design task involved modifying the existing horizontal and vertical geometry from its existing sub-standard condition, whilst working within the constraints of the existing road formation and road reserve.

The project involved two superelevated curves for which TPD applied suitable horizontal spirals and curve radii, and designed the development and magnitude of the superelevation crossfall. This was achieved whilst still working within the confines of the road reserve and avoiding excessive earthworks or pavement material. Safety barriers were also designed for the outside of the curves to prevent errant vehicles striking power poles in high risk locations.

The road reserve was quite narrow and flat in places, which meant the existing table drains were not formed well or grading effectively. To improve this and protect the pavement from water infiltration damage, table drains were independently graded and designed to convey run-off towards the drainage line near the centre of the project. The dual box culvert at this location was extended and provided with reinforced concrete wingwalls as part of the works.

Another aspect of the design process was to redesign the vertical geometry to achieve a smooth and seamless ride for high speed vehicles. This was done by simplifying the geometry and only using long length vertical curves where necessary. The end result was a smoother, safer stretch of road that will also require less maintenance in the long term.