Discover Marong Estate


Planning, Civil Design & Project Management


Arbor Estates Pty Ltd


Hills Road, Marong


TPD were engaged by Arbor Estates Pty Ltd to provide Planning, Civil Design and Project Management services for the 226 lot Discover Marong development in Marong. The site is located in a new development area within the township of Marong which has been identified as a key small town that will help cater for the future residential growth of greater Bendigo.

During the planning phase, TPD worked closely with Council/VicRoads and the relevant service authorities to provide appropriate access and servicing to this new development area and to also cater for the planned future growth of the surrounding area. TPD successfully prepared and managed the application for a planning permit which included the following large scale supporting assessments and reports; Ecological Assessment, Traffic Assessments, Cultural Heritage Management Plan (complex assessment), Development Plan and Soil and Water Report.

The eight (8) stage development involved the design of a number of large scale infrastructure items external to the site. A major upgrade to an existing VicRoads highway intersection was required which extended across existing railway tracks and included a service lane, public lighting and major telecommunication relocation works. To provide sewerage service to the site and to cater for future development, over 440 metres of trunk gravity sewer external to the site was required. The trunk sewer design included hydrological and hydraulic analysis to WSAA and Coliban Water requirements, detailed cost estimates and railway and highway crossing designs to Rail Authority, VicRoads, WSAA and Coliban Water requirements. Due to major township scale works being required on existing assets, construction methodologies for temporary water bypass and sewer pump station access and works were completed. Stormwater drainage and management of the site was completed including the design of a new bio-retention basin which jointly meets stormwater quality and detention objectives. Additionally, the design of over 3.2km of new internal roads in addition to upgrading 1.5km of existing roads were completed as well as the coordination with landscape, gas, communications (NBN and Telstra) and power sub-consultants.

Civil Construction was managed by TPD which included; scheduling & tendering works, contract administration, construction auditing and obtaining sign-off from Council and other relevant authorities upon the successful completion of works.