North Harcourt Road Estate


Planning, Civil Design & Project Management


Noonan Superfund Pty Ltd


North Harcourt Road, Sedgwick


TPD were engaged by Noonan Superfund Pty Ltd Ltd to provide Planning, Civil Design and Project Management services for the 13 lot Noonan Drive development in Sedgwick. This large undulating site is subject to Erosion Management and Environmental Significance Overlays.

Approximately 1000 metres of new rural road was designed through undulating and rocky terrain. Cut and fill was balanced throughout the site whilst attempting to minimise the amount of earthworks within rock. Steep cut batters where protected from erosion using innovative environmentally friendly products. The large rural catchments were catered for through the provision of road cross culverts and longitudinal road drainage.

Design works completed by TPD for Noonan Drive development included; roads, rural drainage and driveways. In addition to coordination with communications and power sub-consultants.

Civil construction was managed by TPD which included; scheduling, construction auditing and obtaining sign-off from Council and other relevant authorities upon the successful completion of works.