Rubicon Rise Estate



Planning, Civil Design & Project Management


Arbor Estates Pty Ltd




TPD were engaged by Arbor Estates Pty Ltd to provide Planning, Civil Design and Project Management services for development of a 73 lot subdivision in Jackass Flat. The site formed part of the Jackass Flat Structure Plan area which was one of four key new development areas identified in the City of Greater Bendigo Residential Development Strategy (2004).

The development known as Rubicon Rise Estate was secluded behind existing residential development to the south and west and boarded undeveloped vegetated land to the north and east. A Coliban Water Channel also traversed through the site which had to be incorporated into the overall design. The predominant vegetation on the site was to the northeast of the existing channel. To minimise the removal of vegetation from the site lots in the northwest were limited to a minimum lot size of 4,000m2. To the southwest lots were generally standard residential around 600-700m2 with an interface road providing a buffer between the channel and two different lot densities.

The development was accessed via two new boulevard streets off Edwards Road and Harveys Lane. Stormwater detention and water quality measures were implemented on-site in a drainage reserve that incorporated a large bio-retention basin. Outfall drainage was also upgraded between the basin and nearby California Gully Creek given there were no existing dedicated overland flow paths through the existing residential property.

Design works completed by TPD for Rubicon Rise Estate included; roads, earthworks, stormwater drainage, detention and water quality (WSUD), sewer reticulation and water reticulation. In addition to coordination with landscape, gas, communications and power sub-consultants.

Civil Construction was managed by TPD which included; scheduling & tendering works, contract administration, general construction supervision, construction auditing and obtaining sign-off from Council and other relevant authorities upon the successful completion of works.