Susan Street Unit Development


Civil Design & Project Management


Bilyan Pty Ltd


Susan Street, Ironbark


TPD was engaged by Bilyan Pty Ltd to provide Planning, Design and Project Management services for the development of a 7 lot unit development. Services included; preparing and submitting an application for a planning permit to the City of Greater Bendigo, design of council drainage, Coliban Water sewer and a concrete common property driveway to service the development, tendering, supervising and auditing of civil construction works.

The site backed onto the Victoria Hill Diggings and therefore Council had concerns about the site being contaminated. A detailed soil investigation was undertaken which revealed low level contamination. To address the contamination issue a soil management plan was prepared to guide future construction works. The site was also covered by a Heritage Overlay. Concerns were raised during the planning process about the visual impact of the development on the surrounding landscape. A detailed Heritage Report was prepared for the site which also focussed on the heritage significance of surrounding heritage features. In summary a design was developed that integrated with the surrounding landscape and satisfied the requirements of all affected stakeholders.

With approximately 5m of elevation difference over the development site, detailed design of the common property driveway ensured that maximum grades and cross falls were not exceeded for vehicular access to units. This also ensures the driveway drained adequately and tied in neatly with civil infrastructure assets servicing the development.

TPD were pleased to provide a design that met the requirements of the client, future property owners, City of Greater Bendigo, Coliban Water and other affected stakeholders.